“Skull Squad Floor Defenders” Car Mats (Full Set) ☠️




Level up your ride (and protect your entire floor) with this epic set of “Skull Squad Floor Defenders” car mats! These ain’t your average floor mats, they’re a statement piece for the coolest crew around. Featuring the iconic Brat Life logo flanked by a crew of killer (but kind of cute) cartoon skulls, they keep your car clean and stylish from front to back, letting the world know you travel in style.

Ever feel like your car mats are a total drag? These mats are more than just floor protection, they’re a badge of honor for the Brat Life Skull Squad. Rep your love for Brat Life and show the world you roll with a squad of killer skulls by your side, from the driver’s seat to the backseat.

These car mats are guaranteed to turn heads wherever you cruise. Imagine compliments flying your way for your killer skull style from fellow drivers and passengers alike. #SkullSquadFloorDefenders #BratLifeRideUpgrade

Deck out your ride (and join the Skull Squad)! ✨ Add this full set of “Skull Squad Floor Defenders” car mats to your cart and protect your car in style from front to back!

.: Polyester needle-punch surface
.: White base and black trim
.: Non-slip rubber backing
.: Set includes two front and two rear mats

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